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    Micro Brewery

    Our brewery has been tailor-made to the specifications of our head brewer, who started his journey as a home brewer. Sourcing state-of-the-art equipment to deliver his craft to you, he ensures that only the best gets served to his customers.

    The brewery, although modern, embodies a sense of timelessness with high beam ceilings, cast iron lighting and aged wooden finishes. We welcome you to come relax and savour in a century old craft. Each brew is roughly 875 litres, with a maximum capacity of 15,000 litres of beer per month, with the entire process taking approximately 4 to 6 weeks for completion. A part of the brewing process is visible to our guests, where the boiler, hot liquor tanks, mash tun and fermentation tanks can be seen.

    Our four core beers are a Biscuit Ale (a Light Blonde Ale), an American Pale Ale (Amber Ale), an Indian Pale Ale (IPA), and an Irish Stout. Come find the perfect beer for you with an interactive beer tasting or enjoy an informative tour of the brewery and brewing process (arranged on request).

    Discover the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon lunch in our sun room, with full-length glass windows or simply relax on the terrace, basking in the surrounds of the place we South Africans call home.