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    Deli and Bakery

    Each individual area of Thanda Tau, from our restaurant to our brewery, creates a different atmosphere. The coffee shop has a modern twist, with bright colours, high-arched ceilings, and a unique lighting system.

    Locally sourced meats and biltong (cured meat), along with a variety of jams and preserves can be purchased at our deli. Our aim is to promote and support local entrepreneurs with an appreciation for high quality produce. Nothing goes together better than bread and jam, so venture over to our bakery and choose from a variety of fresh, farm-style breads. We also serve delectable cakes and confectionary – including the old favourite “melktert” – for those with a sweet tooth.

    The bakery is a fusion of wood and brick finishes, sharing its space with our coffee bar and ice-cream parlour, divided by a ceiling- high brick face fireplace to warm the space during our frosty Free State winters.

    Ask our Barista to pour you a cup of your preferred coffee brew while you indulge in a delectable slice of home-made cake. Breathe in the aroma of freshly baked bread mixed with that favourite coffee-smell while you and the family enjoy a refreshing ice-cream to cool down on those hot summer days.