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    Art Gallery

    Our gallery is open seven days a week from 07h00-18h00.

    Artworks from the internationally acclaimed African-inspired artist, Kobus Möller, can be found throughout Thanda Tau. A selection of his pieces, as well as his favourite pieces by his friends, are available for purchase. A Kobus original is highly revered and would make a wonderful contribution to any corporate or private collection.

    Although originally from Zimbabwe, Kobus has resided in South Africa for over 40 years and has exhibited internationally extensively since the early 1990’s. His many accolades include being named SCI’s Conservation Artist of the Year in 2010 for his generous donation of artworks that raised large sums for various conservation causes in Africa.

    Möller’s pieces are an embodiment of his life and are inspired by his own experiences. “The Bushmen” that is on display at Thanda Tau is the result of 18 months of living in a rural village alongside a Bushmen community.

    “My objective is to open the viewer’s eyes to the art in which we live, and of which we are a part”

    Kobus Möller