Come and meet our resident white rhinos, Lavinia and Bundu. Both Lavinia and Bundu were orphaned as calves when their mothers were poached for their horns.

In March 2015, Thanda Tau became their new home and safe haven, where we hope to educate all our visitors about the importance of ensuring the continuation and conservation of this beautiful species.

The Rhino has been poached since the colonial era due to the status of wealth its horn brings and the supposed medicinal uses of the horn, particularly in Asia. Although the sale of rhino horn is now illegal, black market trade still threatens the existence of this species. The Southern White Rhino is classified as a near threatened species, with roughly 20,000 left, sadly, the Northern White Rhino is extent in the wild, with only three left in captivity. The Southern White Rhinos are mostly found in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Fun fact

The way to tell the difference between white and black rhinos is by looking at the shape of their mouths. White rhinos have a square lip whereas black rhinos have a beak-like lip.