Alongside our rhinos, Thanda Tau is currently home to the ‘King of the Beats’ – the lion.
We at Thanda Tau, have the pleasure of sharing our home with over 20 lions and white lions.

Conservation of our lions is almost equally as important as our rhinos, as lions are classified as vulnerable. According to IUCN Red List, the lion population has decreased by 43% over the past 21 years, with the majority of the species located in Southern Africa. White lions on the other hand, were classified as extinct in the wild up until the early 2000s, but with several re-introduction programs, the population has increased slightly.

The lion is the second largest member of the cat family (the tiger being the biggest), weighing up to 275kgs and measuring 3.75m in length. When hunting in the wild, lions typically feed off antelopes, buffalos, zebras, hippos and giraffes to name a few, however at Thanda Tau, their main source of diet is horse. Lions have a fast digestive system; therefore, they are fed every three days on the farm.

As you will see, Lions can be very lazy and enjoy spending most of the day soaking up the sun, or taking a snooze under the trees. Lions also resemble our household cats and love to lie on the backs and get their tummies rubbed. Lions are also very social and family-oriented and therefore tend to stay in groups. Most of our lions have been hand-reared as cubs and therefore enjoy some human interaction. Come and spend some time at Thanda Tau, while learning about the importance of preserving this majestic species in South Africa.

Fun fact

White lions are not albinos but are white because of a recessive gene; the same occurs with ginger-haired children for example.